automated bitcoin trading

While the mainstream viability of cryptocurrency automated bitcoin trading remains in question, one of the technologies that has emerged in its wake is primed to do big things.

Blockchain continues to grow in popularity as people across multiple industries find new applications for it. Recently, Deloitte released a report entitled, ?2018 Global Blockchain Survey’. In it, they explore several relevant, blockchain trends that are worth paying attention to in 2018 and onward.

If you are interested in exploring what blockchain can do for your business or whether your startup idea can benefit from this versatile and secure technology, the prospects are rather promising.

1. Enterprises are now applying blockchain, not just exploring it

According to Deloitte, a key shift is happening. Where businesses were once exploring blockchain’s potential to streamline business processes, even to disrupt them, today they are beginning to create actual applications for its use.

While it’s still more common for tech or ?digital’ enterprises to embrace this technology, this change definitely indicates that blockchain is gaining wider acceptance. More importantly, it’s gaining more confidence.

2. Practical blockchain applications are on the rise

When it comes to more traditional businesses, such as those in the financial sector, the focus is mostly on applying blockchain solutions to the current business model, according to Block Ground Capital. As revealed in the Deloitte study cited earlier, 74% of traditional businesses can envision practical use cases, but significantly fewer are implementing them. Still, more than 40% believe their organization

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